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SMS Mobile - $2295.00

SMS Mobile is a small handheld GPS system that works seamlessly with SMS basic or advanced software to add soil sampling, crop scouting or site verification.

The SMS Mobile kit includes everything needed to get started utilitizing your new precision farming tool.

Modes of Operation for SMS Mobile

Boundary Mode
Records field outlines and areas in each field.

General Logging Mode Create and edit point, line, and polygon datasets. Example of polygon datasets include observation sites for crop scouting functions, tile lines and management zones.

Coverage Mode Continuously logs and records data for any operation providing an area covered. For example recording the placement of different hybrids within your fields.

Soil Sampling Mode Creates and/or navigates to each area to pull soil samples.

Crop Scouting Scout specific field locations or navigate to previously scouted locations to log detailed information on field/crop conditions as well as insects, diseases or weeds observed.

SMS Basis Software - $750

SMS Advanced software - $1995

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