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-Pioneer Seed

 GPS Equipment
–Precision Planting
–Viareo Wireless 
– Full Service

For your precision agriculture technology come to Bailey Crop Service.

With technology becoming a very important part of agriculture, Bailey Crop Service Inc strives to provide farmers with the products they feel can help bring more value to their operation. Whether it is improving farm production and efficentcy, incorporating GPS into your operation, or just trying to upgrade your communication options we strive to provide you with great options.

With products from Agleader™ and Trimble™ we are setting farmers up with the technology that best fits their operation. In the fast growing field of GPS and Autosteer we are providing our customers with options that will meet their needs today as well as the years to come. Rely on our precision agriculture experts in Ansley,Nebraska, for GPS, autopilot, and planting technology.

Bailey Crop Service sells, services and installs planter meters and E-sets vacum plates for planters. We also carry the new 20/20 seed sense monitor which measures population faster and more accurately than your existing monitors can. It also has the ability to measure singulation, down pressure, seed spacing and ride quality. Take a look at these products under the Planting tab.

Bailey Crop Services is an authorized dealer for Viaero™ and offers a full line of wireless plans and phones to meet your needs. Stop by and check out our line-up of Nokia™, Motorola™, Sony Ericson™, and the "New BlackBerry Pearl™." Plus, we offer a variety of plans, including national and local share plans— contact us for details.

Call us today for GPS technology solutions that work best for you—
not just today or tomorrow, but down the road.
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