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Premier Wilson Mobile Amplifier

Mobile Wireless Cellular Signal Amplifier Kit With Cradle

Improve your cell phone and data card performance on the road.
This amplifier improves voice and data signal quality, reduces dropped calls, and transmitts more power than your cell phone. Wilson mobile boosters work with all cell phones, works great in cars, trucks, tractors, RVs and boats and they are easy to install and use.
The Amplifier consists of two internal amplifiers that pick up weak singals that your cell phone would not recieve. The signals are boosted and then broadcast to your cell phone via the cradle antenna, increasing the performance of your cell phone. The amplifier also boosts the signal being sent back to the tower by 10 times more power than a cell phone.

The Amplifier Kit Includes:
*Dual-Band Mobile Wireless Amplifier
*Outside Magnet-Mount Antenna
*Cradle with Built-in Antenna
*Cradle Mounting Brackets
*Cigarette Lighter DC Power Supply
*Istallation Instructions


Wilson Signalboost Mobile Amplifier

Signalboost Mobile Cellular Signal Amplifier Kit With Cradle

Say Goodbye to Dropped Calls!

This Wilson booster reduces dropped calls and improves voice and data signal quality by collecting weak cellular signals and sending them to the amplifier. The amplifier then boosts those weak signals which improves your cell phone performance. In turn the amplifier also boosts the signal being sent from your cell phone back to the tower.

Amplifier Kit includes:
*Dual-Band SIGNALBOOST Mobile Amplifier
*Outside Magnet-Mount Antenna
*Cradle with Built-in-Signal Coupler
*Cradle Mounting Brackets
*Cigarette Lighter DC Power Supply
*Installation Instructions


In-Building Wireless Amplifiers

We offer In-Building Wireless Amplifiers that will work with any cell phone or cellular data card. The amplifiers broadcast the improved signal into your home, office, building or warehouse through an inside antenna.
These amplifiers provide improved signal quality in rural or remote areas and increase reception in buildings made of steel, concrete and brick which tend to be harder for signals to penetrate.

Stop into Bailey Crop Service and we will help you decide which amplifier will work the best for you based on how big of an area you are trying to cover and how strong the signal is outside your home or building.

Starting at $450.00

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