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Insight Display $3995.00

The InSight display is truly the hub of your precision farming operation - from planting through harvest. It allows you to record every activity that happens in your field and provides you with real-time information - everything from yield maps to hybrid/variety performance to as-applied application maps. But that's just the beginning.

The real value of the InSight display is in how it uses information to help you control all of your operations - eliminating overplanting and overapplication while helping reduce input costs.
Bottom line? The InSight display helps you make better decisions so you can put more money in your pocket.

Capabilities include:

* SeedCommand - Planter Control
* DirectCommand – Application Control (liquid and granular)
* NORAC UC5 Boom Height Control
* Chemical Injection – Raven Sidekick Control
* Strip-Till
* Yield Monitor
* Data/Coverage Logging
* AgGPS Autopilot Interface
* SMS Software Compatibility

Edge display - $2099.00

Ag Leader’s EDGE display provides an entry-level precision farming solution to meet the year round needs of today’s precision farming operation. The display features a 6.5-inch color touchscreen in which users will find a greater level of simplicity combined with SeedCommand, DirectCommand and yield monitoring capabilities. The EDGE display is ideal for operations just getting started in precision farming, but also fits operations requiring multiple displays. Support for Ag Leader’s AutoSwath feature make the EDGE display a great investment for any operation looking for an easy-to-use, input-cost saving solution.

Capabilities include:

* SeedCommand - Planter Control
* DirectCommand – Application Control (liquid and granular)
* Yield Monitor
* Data/Coverage Logging
* SMS Software Compatibility

Combine Kits - $3500.00
We have kits for almost any make and model of combine you might have. These kits include everyting needed to install and make either the Insight or the "NEW" Edge monitor work.

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