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Bailey Crop Service is a Sales Representative for Pioneer Hi-bred Intl. Being a part of the pioneer family means bringing farmers a professional advisor to help them in their quest to be the best farmers in the area. Pioneer Continues to stand at the forefront of leading genetics in crop production.

Stop in and check out the new FIT mapping services provided by pioneer for its customers. FIT mapping offers "as planted", "seeding rate" and "yeild" maps to help farmers better understand their farming practices on their ground. FIT mapping offers tools that will enable growers to make decisions on their farm in relationship to hybrids by soil type, elevation, farming practices, and hybrid selection. FIT mapping is also an internet based mapping software that works thru growing points and will allow growers to login and make planting plans from their own home. Stop by today and learn more about FIT mapping and how it can fit your farm.

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